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  • System of Heavenly World 10 – Dimensions of Star Deities

    Information from Mr.Takeshita Masatoshi. In the last post “System of Heavenly World 9” I let you know that there are 10-stage difference between humans and universes as shown below: 10. Super cluster deities 9. Galaxy cluster deities 8. Galaxy deities 7. Star cluster system deities 6. Star cluster deities 5. Star system cluster deities 4. […]

  • System of Heavenly World 9 – Higher Dimentional Deities Reincarnating as Stars

    Information from Mr.Takeshita. Sumiwatarautakakihoshino-himemiko-sama On July 16, I received a fax from Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi, in which she let me know the name of himemiko-sama (goddess) of Nyan Tolo she illustrated and her message.  The fax included the following strange communication, though I haven’t introduced it. <Relationship with People of Earth> I came here from […]

  • System of Heavenly World 8 – Specific examples of existence dimension and spiritual evolution (2) – Ramalinga and Edgar Cayce

    This is information from Mr.Takeshita. I’d like to introduce two persons: Ramalinga Swamigal and Edgar Cayce. Ramalinga Swamigal (1823-1874) Edgar Cacye (1877-1945) Examining the locations of the Jiva (individual soul with ego) and Linga Sarira/spirit body of these contrasting two persons, the results are shown below.  The two upper tables show the locations of Jiva […]

  • System of Heavenly World – 7 –

    The information from Masatoshi Takeshita. (Previous posts: System of Heavenly World) “Let’s look at specific examples of the relationship between dimension & plane and body this time.  I’d like to explain about human bodies.  According to traditional teaching, the body is composed of following five different bodies. A spirit before being reincarnated into the physical body […]

  • System of Heavenly World – 6 –

    The information from Masatoshi Takeshita. (Previous posts: System of Heavenly World) “In the previous post System of Heavenly World 5, I explained the relation between the concept of dimensions and the concept of planes.  As I explained at that time, the dimensions of Sirius System 10 levels are the 4th or higher dimensions and those […]

  • System of Heavenly World – 5 –

    Information from Masatoshi Takeshita. (Previous post: System of Heavenly World) I have explained that our Sirius System (1st System) is divided into a total of 10 levels: Heavenly Deity System 1st level to 5th level (68th dimension to 64th dimension) and Earthly Deity System 1st level to 5th level (8th dimension to 4th dimension).  I have […]

  • System of Heavenly World – 4 –

    This is the information from Masatoshi Takeshita. (Previous post: System of Heavenly World) “I have explained each System and dimension.  The part surrounded with a black bold line is our Sirius System (1st System).  All Systems have the same structure.  Let’s take a look at the overall structure of this Sirius System as an example. […]

  • System of Heavenly World – 3 –

    Information from Mr. Masatoshi Takeshita: (Click here for the previous articles:   System of Heavenly World 1, System of Heavenly World 2) “In the previous two articles, I gave a detailed explanation about Systems – 12 Systems, “Creator Deity of Love” Systems and “Creator Deity of Atma” System –, 10 levels each System consists of and […]

  • System of Heavenly World – 2 –

    This is the information from Mr.Takeshita. “In the last installment, I explained the relationship between each System and dimension. (Click to enlarge) There is no 3rd dimension (our material dimension) in this table.  As a matter of fact, the 4th dimension in the table is overlapped with the 3rd dimension.  For example, imagine the following […]

  • System of Heavenly World – 1 (part.2/2)

    This is a sequel to part 1/2. (Click to enlarge) The concepts of Heavenly Deity and Earthly Deity I have explained so far have been changed from traditional concepts after a reform of heavenly world which started in 2007 and they are used differently from the words of Amatsukami (Heavenly Deity) and Kunitsukami (Earthly Deity) […]