Illustration of Sumiwataru-umashihoshino-himemiko-sama (Star Merope in the Pleiades, 9 years of age) & her message

Illustration of Sumiwataru-umashihoshino-himemiko-sama
(Star Merope in the Pleiades, 9 years of age)

Illustrated byMrs. Seiko Nakanishi

Information from Mr.Takeshita Masatoshi:

I have got the name of himemiko-sama (goddess) of star Merope in the Pleiades and received her message through Mrs. Seiko Nakanishi. I’d like to share information with you.

Masatoshi Takeshita
January 21, 2014
<Message to Earthling>

“Dear people of beautiful Earth!

I am filled with joy to see Earth shine brilliantly.
It is a big surprise to see beautiful light increasing day by day like a jewel being polished.
Just imaging your longtime agonies and sufferings makes me realize that you have experienced a lot of hardships.

I assure Earth will see changes or revolution that she has never experienced before.

Please don’t be afraid of or worried about it.
Please keep an eye on changes quietly.

All living beings on Earth are now singing a song of love with joy.

We residents of stars keep on chanting Gayatri Mantra as one.

I believe that with acceleration of harmony and beauty of the universe, the song will become one with your voice of joy and resound throughout the universe.

Please listen carefully to the song of joy of space life.
I am singing along in the morning and in the evening.

I am sure that the song will make you feel cheerful.
I hope as many people as possible will chant Gayatri Mantra with us.

Sumiwataru-umashihoshino-himemiko singing along with you

Since I was told by Mr. Takeshita in advance that himemiko-sama is not a student of the celestial school, I took this opportunity to ask her about her favorite subjects and hobbies.

“Astronomy, physics, writing novels, songwriting, dancing hula, swimming, scuba diving, boat race, expedition (travelling to unknown places such as mountains, rivers and jangles), playing the harp and synthesizer, cooking, visiting hot spas, making music boxes.”

While talking with her, I was astounded to learn the unexpected real self of himemiko-sama.
Although I have thought that she was rather modest and quiet, she actually has a lot of hobbies, a strong desire to learn, is active, and uses words showing her positivity. She was a new type of himemiko-sama I have never seen before

When I asked her “You are too busy to have time to learn in the celestial school,” she answered: “I’d like to make a school tour once.”

I asked her how she liked the illustration I drew because I felt a bit uneasy about the gap between image and reality.

“It is exactly like me. I feel much honored to have me drawn so splendidly. I’ll display it at home!”
I felt slightly relieved to hear her reply. (Laugher)

Seiko Nakanishi

Additional message from himemiko-sama in response to a question from a reader:

Q: I can’t believe that there are hula dance and even spas in the heavenly world.

“Yes, there are. We have almost everything available on Earth, here in the heavenly world, too.
Most of things on Earth come down from the heavenly world.
Everything is, of course, not the same because they have been tailored to the need of Earth.
For example, hula costumes or movement are almost completely different from those in the heavenly world. No matter what it may be, however, it is a hula dance.”

“How different specifically?”

“Hula costumes are very elegant, long dresses.
Hand movements are quite similar but we have more diversified movements.
We don’t move the hips so markedly.
It is a very elegant and lithe dance with an image of running water.”

“How wonderful it is!
By the way, did you make a school tour?”

“Yes, immediately I did.
I am very happy to have been allowed to enter the school.”

“How energetic you are! Congratulations!”

(Seiko Nakanishi)







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