Husband and Wife (1) - "Relationship and Sex 1" [FREE] - Family Ties - Husband and Wife - Lectures

Husband and Wife (1) - "Relationship and Sex 1" [FREE]

The married life filled with happiness is one of the things Masatoshi Takeshita cherishes the most.
How can you nurture true love with your partner? How can the two of you live the contemporary world in a senseful manner?

In the “Family Ties” series, you will learn how to live and how to create a happy society while familiarizing yourself with various topics of importance including philosophies/thoughts of East and West, the world’s civilizations and histories, economy and finance, corporate management... Actually, this is a grand series that covers every theme and topic under the sun!

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Husband and Wife (1) - "Relationship and Sex 1"  [FREE]

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Outline & Contents

The husband and wife relation is the most important. What are required for creating a happy married relation: the right priorities in human relations; the criteria of a good marriage; the understanding of what is expected from the opposite sex, etc.

1. Priorities in Human Relations (00:00:00)

To lead a happy life, a proper understanding of priorities in human relations is required. It does not mean any excellent human relations if people don’t get engaged deeply so as to avoid causing troubles. So what are the authentic interpersonal relationships like? What is the essential people seek through these relationships?

  • Gender Difference of Priorities and Its Reason
  • ”Switch Family”
  • Why people are attracted by the TV program “The Professional” as well as those featuring brand-name items.

2. Male Values and Female Values (00:10:08)

Men stick to building academic records and a social position while women are attracted by marriages with such men. Men as well as women embrace the illusion “Then, I will be happy!” However, humans can never realize happiness with such values in mind. So by what criteria should your partner be chosen? What are the values that make humans truly happy?

  • Why men place value on work
  • By-talk: a “Christmas cake law”
  • Male and female criteria for marriage
  • By-talk: an Australian girl who married a prince.
  • Can you be happy if you are rich or a beauty?
  • Women’s wrong criteria for choosing a man
  • By-talk: Masatoshi Takeshita tells his marriage story.
  • The true happiness of men and women.

3. Men Want Sex; Women Want Tenderness (00:29:31)

Men don’t understand that cuddling, being held lovingly and caressed is more important than sex to women. Women don’t understand how important sex is to men, either. Such gender differences are understandable when the differences in male & female brain structure are taken into account. (See the References below.)

  • What men don’t understand about women
  • What women don’t understand about men
  • Women’s wants, men’s wants
  • Sex for women, sex for men
  • Why women refuse men only preoccupied with work
  • Everything depends on how women valuate men.
  • Sexually unmatured and matured men
  • By-talk: The present sexual life of Masatoshi Takeshita
  • There is no love, in reality...

4. The Feeling Desired by Women (00:51:57)

How does men’s attitude toward women get changed after marriage? What feeling do wives need from their husband? And what does this mean to men?

  • Men before and after their marriage
  • Men & women; left & right
  • How can men wrap women with their aura (qi)?
  • Grand historic ruins (time) vs nature (eternity); masculinity vs feminity
  • Having genuine sex means to men having a meditation.

5. By Having True Sex Men & Women Resplend (01:00:59)

What is the true sex like that serves to nurture love between wife and husband? For attaining that goal, very high sexual maturity is required of men. By having true sex, sexuality is opened up so that the ultimate satisfaction is achieved for both partners, the love of men and women brought to completion.

  • Men making efforts in a wrong direction.
  • By-talk: sexual intercourse of flies
  • True sex (1): the minimum duration is 30 minutes
  • The supreme joy of sex experienced
  • True sex (2): what sexual maturity is required of men
  • How true sex satisfies both partners.

End (01:03:06)


  • Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps: How We're Different and What to Do About it (2001), by Allan Pease & Barbara Pease

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