About Masatoshi Takeshita

About Mr.Masatoshi Takeshita


He was born in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan in 1959.

He started his first lecture on childcare entitled “Can you feel the heart of children?” in Fukuoka in 1997. He has since given a lot of lectures on married couple, sex, human relationship, harmony between mind and body, economy and social situation.

He has also achieved a tremendous volume of results of the elaborate researches on oriental medicine, science of ‘Qi’, spiritual world and science of religion. Most of these achievements have been preserved in the form of videos and audiotapes.

He built a log house by himself in the countryside of Hiroshima Prefecture, blessed with nature, where he lives with his family. He continues on his lecture activities through the Internet.

His researches and lectures are based on his rich experience and strong intuition. Being impressed by his lectures, many people continue learning from him.

What people say about Mr.Takeshita


"The Seven Chakras that bring forth the Bliss and Brilliant Prospects" (Care-Fit Japan Inc)

You have never seen such an epoch-making DVD like this attached to the book. Just one-time watching of the DVD can help purify all the seven chakras on the body surface.

This DVD book gives an explanation of the seven chakras on body surface, the influence of the chakras in daily life and the interrelationship between the chakras and spiritual advancement. The DVD consists of photos and music, which help you activate the releasing-role and absorbing-role chakras, respectively.

The book is actually written by Mr. Takeshita though he is introduced as editorial supervisor.

You can enjoy watching dynamically changing images of Mt. Fuji, whose photos are taken by Mr. Rocky Tanaka. The music which helps make the images look more colorful is composed by Mr. Shinsuke Kataoka, who is a discoverer of the “Absolute Tempo 116” and a hit maker of healing music.

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Pi-Yo-Ko-To (Kojika Books)

The book with a total pages of 168 consists of four chapters: “parental relationship,” “husband-and-wife relationship,” “way of living,” and “love.” The book has 150 words of wisdom spoken by Mr. Takeshita, which are written one by one in each page.

Mr. Takeshita has transmitted various forms of wisdom through a lot of lectures: wisdom to make a happy life, wisdom to love, wisdom to improve spirituality by polishing the mind.

This book gives you such wisdom in short and simple words.

This book would be helpful for anyone who wants to look closely into himself/herself, reflect his/her way of life and lead a happy life.

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Pi-Yo-Ko-To 2 (Kojika Books)

This is a sequel to the above PI-YO-KO-TO.

  1. Husband-Wife Relationship
  2. Parent-Child Relationship
  3. Way of Life
  4. Way of Thinking
  5. Love

The 164-page book is a jewel box filled with a lot of messages, short and profound. Each message on each page is sure to send gentle light to your heart.

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Pi-Yo-Ko-To 3 (Kojika Books)

This is a sequel to the above PI-YO-KO-TO.

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Prayer of the Gayatri Mantra (Kojika Books)

According to Mr. Takeshita, the “Gayatri Mantra,” ancient Indian prayer, is the most important mantra that everybody can chant.

Mr. Takeshita has disclosed the secrets of ‘hado,’ ‘chakras’ and negative energy, which happiness or unhappiness depends on. He has also developed various ways to purify them by use of this mantra.

Such important knowledge and purification methods are all included in this book.

After gaining the knowledge about invisible energy, which happiness or unhappiness depends on, and putting into practice the skills to protect you from negative energy by purifying it, you would be surprised to find your life shining brightly!

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