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Currently we are not delivering English mailnews, except for an urgent information from Mr.Takeshita which is hardly issued today. If you wish to subscribe to it, let us know from our contact form. (Update Nov, 2022)

We provide two types of newsletters:

  1. Announcements of major site update, arrival of new articles / videos / e-Books / products, and campaign. 1-3 times per a month.
  2. "Urgent Information from Mr.Takeshita" - See this page for detail. It is usually delivered once per a month.

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  1. If you have never created an account, click the above “My Account” and the “Create an Account” button, then enter your name and email address to create an account. After that, “Account Dashboard” page will be displayed.
  2. If you have already created an account (or have made checkout), click the above “My Account” and just login if needed.
  3. Click the “Go to My Newsletter Subscriptions” in “Account Dashboard” page.
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How can I change my registered email address?

How can I stop newsletter subscription?

  1. Refer to How can I open the “Account Dashboard” page?
  2. Click the link “Go to My Newsletter Subscriptions.”
  3. Check off the box of the newsletter you want to stop subscription to.