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Lovely Piyo-chan Placemat & Coaster Set

Purify the Qi of Your Food and Raise Your Vibrations

Place your food on the Piyo-chan placemat & coaster for a while.
Enjoy the food, and the entire gamut of your vibrations will be enhanced from the physical to the mental level!


▶ The number of sheets contained in a set:

Placemat: 1 + Coaster: 2

▶ Size

Placemat: approx. 257×364×0.7mm (B4 size)
Coaster: approx. 100×100×0.7mm

▶ Material

Polypropylene sheet with lined surface

▶ Upper Temperature Limit


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Lovely Piyo-chan Placemat & Coaster Set - Single Set
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Lovely Piyo-chan Placemat & Coaster Set

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Lovely Piyo-chan Placemat & Coaster Set


Beneficial Effects from Improvement of Qi

This product serves as food purifier and helps raise your vibrations through improvement of Qi.

Place your food on the Piyo-chan placemat & coaster for a while. Enjoy the food, and the entire gamut of your vibrations will be enhanced from the physical to the mental level!


Recommended Usage

[1] Knowledge about the relation between exposure time and food vibration:

•Vibrations at the physical/etheric levels are raised quickly.

•Vibrations at the deeper levels (astral/mental, etc.) take more time to be elevated.

•Vibration of liquid, such as water, gets boosted quickly, taking several minutes in all.

•Solids take around 20 minutes for all vibrations to be raised not lower than the Anahata level.

[2] Position of Food

Only the assembly domain of Piyo-chans has the effect of raising vibrations.
The margin surrounding this domain is not designed to raise vibrations.
Please place your food on the assembly domain of black-colored Piyo-chans.


It's OK even if the food is not in direct contact with the placemat or the coaster. The effect remains the same even when your food and drink are put on a dish and a saucer.

Multiple-Purpose Serviceability!

Brightening Your Dining Table Ups Your Vibrations

Your food looks nice as its Qi is particularly elevated. The color tone of the product serves to give your table brightness. Stains can be wiped off quickly.

Raise the Vibration of your Food during Storage in the Fridge!
The coaster should go into the pocket.

It’s also recommendable to spread the mat in your fridge! The coaster may as well be placed inside the pocket of the fridge! It’s easy to get them out for cleaning.
* Please do not put the product in the freezer.

On the Kitchen Sink while in Preparation

Suitable also for prepared food or drawn water... the product plays an active part on the kitchen sink!
* Please do not use the product when the undersurface is wet. In that case, wipe off the moisture immediately.

As the Placemat for the Food and Water of your Pet

Also serves as placemat when feeding your beloved pet!

The Coaster Is also Valuable for Portable Use!

If put in your bag or inserted in your notebook, the product can be used away from home. Thanks to the lovely design, you will be able to use it at work or at stores just casually!

Usage Note & Guide for Care and Cleaning

[1] Upper Temperature Limit

•The upper temperature limit (heat resisting temperature) is 60℃. You are cautioned not to put a mug of hot beverage, a tea pot, heated foodstuffs, etc. directly on the product.

•Our in-house testing, carried out with a hot mug beyond 60℃, showed the bending of the periphery of the product. In this case, the original state was recovered after a while; however, you are recommended to use a table mat, a saucer, etc. for whatever hot is placed.


•Please refrain from putting our products in the freezer.

[2] Precautions

♦ Please do not use this product for any other than the intended purpose.
♦ Before first use, please wash the product well, using a dish detergent, etc.
♦ Please do not place the product on a wet table or board, etc. Use it in a dry place.
♦ Please do not put adhesive tapes or similar objects on the product. The print may fall away when the tapes are removed.
♦ Scratching with nails or any pointed matter may cause the design print to fall away.
♦ Beyond 60℃, loss of shape and discoloration may occur.
♦ Please do not put hot pots and kettles, etc. on the product.
♦ Please do not place the product near fire, which may cause deformation or inflammation.
♦ Please keep the product away from heat or direct sun light.
♦ Careful handling is required.

[3] Care and Cleaning

♦ For cleaning, use diluted dish detergent with a soft sponge, etc.
♦ Use of a scourer or scouring powder may cause damage to certain surfaces.
♦ Rinse the detergent away with water immediately after cleaning, and wipe off the moisture very well.
♦ Do not use any bleaching agent, which causes discoloration and damage.
♦ The product cannot be cleaned in dish washers or drying machines.
♦ Please do not wipe the product with organic solvents such as thinner, a nail enamel remover, etc.

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