The Prayers with Gayatri Mantra


The Prayers with Gayatri Mantra

Mr. Masatoshi Takeshita has devised prayers with Gayatri Mantra, which have tremendous effect for purification.

  1. Prayer for Exorcism
  2. Prayer for Purification

You can sufficiently make a difference by giving “Prayer for Exorcism” once and then “Prayer for Purification” once. You are advised to give 1 and 2 prayers in pairs at least once a day. Repeating these prayers every day, you will sense dramatic efficacy of the prayers.

When you feel heavy due to possession or evil spirit, you should give these prayers. Experience shows that praying in pairs once every two hours will produce the greatest effect.

  • You can pray as quickly as you like unless you leave out any word.
  • You must not change any words in the prayers in your own way.
  • When you misread while praying, just reread from the previous few words. You don’t have to restart reading from the beginning.

About Prayer for Exorcism

Prayer for Exorcism is effective for 24 hours but it loses its effect at midnight. For this reason, the prayer cannot protect you after midnight. To make this prayer give maximum effect, you have to pray just after midnight. If you finish praying before midnight and go to bed, you have to pray again immediately after you get up.

About Prayers and Sin

Prayer for Exorcism and Prayer for Purification will lose effect simultaneously when you commit a sin (actions in violation of Yama and Niyama). In that case, you have to repent for your sin and give a prayer for forgiveness, need for which depends on degree of sin. As for the prayer for forgiveness, explanation is given in “Karma and Time to Pray” which is contained in a PDF file.