What people say about Mr.Takeshita

What people say about Mr.Masatoshi Takeshita

Separate theories and ideas on various areas have been carefully integrated by him. He has also taught us the perspective of the world and humanity we never imagined. I am always stunned by his lectures.

I was confident I had studied invisible world very hard, but his lectures have made me realize what a shallow understanding I had. He has answered all the questions I had.

Mr. Takeshita is very bright and honest. He is also a warm-hearted person with a good sense of humor and a perfect sense of balance.

I am in the midst of nurturing a child. I have been reading a lot of childcare books, none of which I have found satisfactory. When I read childcare books by Mr. Takeshita for the first time, I found intuitively that "this is it!" Since then, I have been more and more fascinated by him. I find it a lot of fun to learn the true nature of humanity and the facts of the world.

Why Mr. Takeshita? You will get the answer if you study his theories. You will find everything he speaks about impeccable: religion, economics, environmental issues, ethics and medicine. He never arms himself with abstruse theories. He uses his ingenuity as best he can to make his lectures easily and fully understood by people from all walks of life, including a housewife or an expert with a doctor's degree. (Kurumi Tanaka)
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