How to Pray with Gayatri Mantra (2) - Further Comments and Questions & Answers

How to Pray with Gayatri Mantra (2) - Further Comments and Questions & Answers

A continuation of the basic explanation on the prayer of Gayatri Mantra, answers to some frequently asked questions, and explanations on how to live a good life with respect to these questions.

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  • PartⅠ (Chapter 2):Explanation: 90 min.
  • PartⅡ (Chapter 3): Questions & Answers: 72 min.
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How to Pray with Gayatri Mantra (2)  - Further Comments and Questions & Answers

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PartⅠ: Further Comments on How to Pray with Gayatri Mantra

1. Points Discussed Today (00:00:00)

Regarding the prayer with Gayatri Mantra, some terms used are explained in more detail. In PartⅠ, the most essential points are explained.

2. The Way of Living for Purification of 4 Types of Bodies (00:01:31)

Humans have 5 types of bodies: physical, etheric, astral, mental and causal. The causal body, in essence, is not subject to impurities. However, it is a different story with the other types of bodies. How these bodies are affected by impurities in daily life is explained.

3. How We Can Live a Truly Happy Life (00:13:30)

There are two kinds of sufferings. The first kind is the physical one that arises from the economical circumstances (‘money’). The second kind is the sufferings that arise at subtle levels (by way of negative energy that causes illness and other misfortune). To lead a truly happy life, we need to purify our body and mind and raise the vibrations of our conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind.

4. The Prayers That Can Even Save Gods (00:37:23) (00:37:23)

The Prayer for Exorcism and the Prayer for Purification can even save gods. Why do gods suffer? Some precautions when the Prayer for Exorcism and the Prayer for Purification are practiced instead of the person himself/herself.

5. Influence of Celebrities’ Vibrations over the World (00:49:35)

Musicians, painters, those in high social positions have a huge responsibility for their own vibrations. Without knowing it, humans like them very much influence the world both in a positive and negative way.

6. Other Advice; Questions; Words of Caution (00:58:12)

Why should the Prayer for Exorcism be practiced first? The reason and the necessity for the “7 Systems” to be referred to in the prayers. An example where the Prayer for Exorcism and the Prayer for Purification had the maximal effects.

7. “The Prayer of Seven Dhathu” (01:18:18)

Introduction of a prayer for getting rid of the negative energy called Dhathus (Ayurvedic Sanskrit term meaning ‘constructing elements’), which is piled up in the vital tissues of our body. Because of its effect of increasing the feminine beauty, this prayer is especially recommendable for females. How ladies can increase such an effect by dozens of times is explained, together with some points to keep in mind when praying.

End (01:35:22)

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