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This video captured my heart. They look like a human family☺️Did you know that elephants cry when they're sad and they never forget who they love? And that they even paint pictures of themselves? It's said that even after many years have passed, they continue to mourn for their loved ones, and elephants are called "forest gardeners" and play a very important role in carrying seeds far away to pollinate. These elephants have been poached and had their tusks smuggled year after year and are decreasing rapidly. I hope that the people who buy elephant ivory also decreases rapidly every year...🙏🏽 @ourplanetdaily #SaveTheElephants このゾウの動画はすごく心があたたかくなる☺️ゾウはすごく頭がよくて自分の姿の絵を筆を使って描くゾウもいて、人間と同じ感情をもっていて大切なものを失った時の心にポッカリと穴が空く感情や悲しみがあると涙を流したり、怒ったりもするんだ。そして長い年月たっても、愛する者をずっと忘れない感情もあるの。「森の庭師」とも呼ばれていて森の中の親植物から遠く離れたところにタネを運ぶ凄く重要な役割を果たしていて何千年にも渡って沢山の木を植えてきたんだ🌱いまは密猟によってゾウの数がすごく減ってきているんだ。どうか象牙製品を買う人がすくなくなりますように🙏🏽

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